Day 50–Tissues Fix Issues

If you haven’t smiled or laughed or been grossed out or had a “Wait, what?” moment of surprise today, then maybe my latest conversation with Gabriella will help... While walking to the bathroom: Gabriella (with both arms tucked inside her sweatshirt): “Mr. Morrow, I’m hurting.” Me: “What do you mean, you’re hurting?” Gabriella (feeling around … Continue reading Day 50–Tissues Fix Issues

Day 43–All Good Things Come in Pairs

There is an ancient Chinese belief called “double happiness.” Originating during the Tang Dynasty, the belief speaks to how joyous occasions often occur simultaneously in everyday life. Or simply stated, how all good things come in pairs. Three days before we let out for Fall Break, I found out that two more students were being … Continue reading Day 43–All Good Things Come in Pairs

Day 32–Promise Breakers, Promise Keepers

Felicia’s nature is very “very.” She is either very joyful or very dejected, very motivated or very apathetic, very loving or very spiteful, very respectful or very defiant, very calm or very chaotic. There seems to be no middle ground, and every day she walks into class, I know whether it will be a good … Continue reading Day 32–Promise Breakers, Promise Keepers