As we enter into the final month of school, I figured that I would give an update on the randomness, outlandish, and altogether absurdity of our alternative classroom. It goes as follows:

 Ashton: Ashton’s grandmother moved in with Ashton and his mom a few weeks ago. Since then, she has been emailing me weekly reports on Ashton’s behavior as well as various situations happening amongst their family. The latest report was not exactly stellar. She said that Ashton has continued to refuse to complete his community service hours, and that if he does not have 50 hours completed in the next two weeks, he gets locked up. How many hours has he completed to date? Four. So things are not looking good there.

She also told me that Ashton’s mom has been acting strange. She will disappear for hours at a time, come home late, talk too fast when she does come home, and often acts jittery or anxious—all warning signs that she might be experimenting with drugs again. If this is true, then that would break her probation and place her back in jail. And some parents wonder why their kids develop the habits that they do . . .

Cody: I haven’t talked about Cody in a while because there hasn’t been much to talk about. He still talks a lot and insists on asking the most unnecessary questions, but other than that, his behavior hasn’t been too irrational. (He did get suspended off the bus for cursing, spitting chewed up raisins on the window, and leaving his trash demolished in his seat, but there is a difference between immature and irrational.)

Davion: Davion was caught up in a scandal where he was accused of sending naked pictures to Chardonnay. We accused him of this because he told his friends that he had been sending naked pictures to Chardonnay. We technically couldn’t prove it, however, so nothing came of it.

Matthew: Since the incident in the bathroom (Day 149: When the Bathroom is no Longer Used for Using), Matthew has been relatively calm. Apparently, they changed his medication as well as his counseling services. We will see if either of those make a difference before school lets out.

Chardonnay: Besides receiving naked pictures from Davion (we know this because Chardonnay told her friends that she had received naked pictures from Davion), Chardonnay has continued her spree of unwarranted antics. She confessed to giving a hickey to both Gabriella and Ashton (which their necks confirmed); she sharpened her pen in the pencil sharpener, leaving behind a murder scene of blue ink splattered across the wall; and she got suspended off the bus for cursing out her bus driver.

Gabriella: While walking through the hallway on our way back from picking up trash outside, Gabriella turned to Chardonnay and said: “I like my boys dark. Like, I only date dark-skinned and light-skinned, like Mexican light-skinned. But not white boys. I can’t date white boys. I mean, let’s talk about their feet. Looks like they stepped in some Cheetos or something.” I literally have no clue what that means?

I hope that the April showers have brought you May flowers, because all the April showers brought us were more write-ups and suspensions.

Only three weeks to go. You can do this, summer vacation.



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