A quick note on hairdos . . .

I don’t claim to be very educated on African American hairstyles (particularly that of women), but I do know what a weave is. And more importantly, I know what a weave is not.

Chardonnay (shar-duh-knee, if you remember) walked into class today with what I’m pretty sure was roadkill on top of her head. She strutted into the room as if she were walking down the red carpet, smiling ear to ear with her chin tilted in the air. I said good morning and asked how she was doing, all while trying to act normal but clearly unable to take my eyes off her head. She nodded politely and sat down, seemingly oblivious to every student staring at her in amusement.

I asked her what was on her head. She said that it was a weave. I said that it was definitely not a weave. She said that it most certainly was a weave. I said that it looked more like a wig than a weave. She said that I didn’t know black culture and that I should mind my own business. I said that I didn’t need to know black culture to know the difference between a wig and a weave. Then she stuck her tongue out at me and rolled her eyes and switched the wig/weave from one side of her head to the other as if to emphasize her point.

Throughout the day, Chardonnay would take off her wig/weave, analyze it’s inner lining, and slap it back on her head as if it were a knitted wool cap (always in a different position than it had previously been). If anything, it provided much needed entertainment in an otherwise entertainment-less day.

There are hairdos, and there are hairdont’s. Then, there is roadkill.


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