And just like that, Adrian is homeward bound.

Last week, a team of teachers, administrators, and counselors met to discuss Adrian’s future at our school. They analyzed his various diagnoses, the symptoms of his behavior, the manner in which his behavior influences his academics, his overall academic performance, and ultimately, whether or not it is safe to keep him in the classroom. The team arrived at a fairly straightforward conclusion: what we are doing is working, but it’s not working well enough. We needed another option.

That’s when the idea of emergency homebound was agreed upon. Essentially, it is an opportunity for Adrian to reset. Sometimes wiping the slate clean is enough to temporarily break the cycle of negative behavior (or that’s the hope, at least). So during the next thirty school days, teachers and counselors will be visiting Adrian at home to provide him with all the physical, mental, emotional, and academic support that he needs. Tests will be run, data will be collected, and propositions will be discussed—all to further evaluate his behavior in order to develop a plan to successfully transition him back into the classroom environment. There is no promise that it will work, but only time will tell.

As for the rest of us, we will get back to the mission at hand.


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