Storytime with Felicia is always something. Sometimes the stories are fact, sometimes the stories are fiction, and sometimes the stories are a strange hybrid of fact and fiction. As most of you know, students (particularly the ones in our classroom) will say anything to get attention, so it’s our job to sort through the emotional drama to decipher what is significant, what needs to be addressed, what needs to be thrown out, and what helps explain why our students act the way they act and think the way they think. As you may also know, deciphering can be a pretty tedious job, especially when the stories seem too outlandish to be true but too in-depth to be completely false.

Here are two from the vault, authored by Felicia on back-to-back days. To me, they sound like someone telling tall tales around a campfire, but I’ll let you decide…

Story 1: “Mr. Morrow, did you know my sister’s like 36 years old and possessed by a demon? Yeah, it’s crazy. When you are talking to her, you can see it in her eyes. Like, one second she’ll be praying and saying that she won’t let the demons control her, and then the next second she is cursing God. Almost like a split personality. And sometimes, when the demon is talking, her real self will start arguing back with the demon. They can’t cast the demon out because the demon won’t let anyone! Every time someone prays over her, it hurts her. Like, my uncle is a preacher, and one time he was praying over her and she said, “Ow!” Sometimes, she even wakes up with scratches and bruises on her arms and legs. Yeah, it’s freaky stuff.”

Story 2: “So, this happened when I was like eight, okay? Well, one of my sisters used to be a prostitute, but she wanted to get out of the business. She was gone one day when her pimp came into our house and said that he didn’t like that she wanted to get out, and he wanted to know where she was at. He grabbed one of my other sisters and dragged her out to the car. Then, he grabbed me because he couldn’t keep me there to tell someone what happened. Well, when we got into the car, he wanted to know an address where he could find my sister. I gave him an address, but it was a fake address that was near a police station, see. When we got close to the address, he realized that we had lied to him and stopped the car on a bridge. He pulled my sister out of the car and started beating her. I saw it, and I got into the driver’s seat, put the car in reverse, and jumped out right before the car rolled off the bridge into the river. Then, I looked over and saw the pimp strangling my sister. I had grabbed a knife and hid it up my shirt before we left the house, so I ran over to the pimp and stabbed him in the arm. He let go of my sister and started to come for me, but at that moment, the police showed up and arrested him. And you know what Mr. Morrow? He is still in jail to this day and when it’s low tide, you can still see the car at the bottom of the river.”

Like I said, they may not always be true, but they sure are something.


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